2nd Annual Colloquium

Partnerships for Learning and Innovation on the Role of Business in Society

19-20 September 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark

One year after its launch in July 2002, the European Academy of Business in Society gathered over 250 people for its second Colloquium. Hosted by the Copenhagen Business School, participants were provided with food for intense discussion and debate through keynote talks by John Elkington (Sustainability), Lise Kingo (Novo Nordisk), Peter Pruzan (CBS) and Michael Porter (Harvard Business School).


Opening the colloquium, EABIS President Gilbert Lenssen reminded participants of the task at hand. “While we have chosen to start by consolidating a research base on business in society issues, let us not forget that what we are ultimately about is reforming higher education”. Introdcuing the Colloquium themePartnerships for Learning and Innovation on the Role of Business in Society', Professor Lenssen said:  

The gap between innovative practices on the ground and bodies of theory is widening, and we need to bridge this gap by forging partnerships between business, academia, public authorities and others.”

EABIS presented the first-ever European research programme on business in society issues put together through consultations with some 50 academic institutions and 20 businesses. The identified research domains including

  • Globalisation
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Policy Framework/Societal Context

and their potential of directing future research and influencing business decisions were discussed during the Colloquium. 

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