6th Annual EABIS Colloquium


The Emerging Global Governance Paradigm: The Role of Business and Its Implications for Companies, Stakeholders and Society

20-21 September 2007

ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain

The 6th Annual Colloquium examined the contributions, commitments and impacts that business can make through governance to address the key issues and challenges of globalisation and sustainable development.

The Colloquium explored whether global governance is an appropriate approach for business and all of its stakeholders to tackle the broad, increasingly facing the planet at the start of the 21st century.

To develop a comprehensive picture of the critical issues, participants approached this theme within a conceptual framework that incorporated the “macro” level of economies and societies, the “meso” level of industry sectors and regions, and the “micro” level of the individual firm.

The EABIS 2007 Colloquium was also a platform for several other important events in the corporate responsibility calendar:


  • The European Unveiling of the UN Global Compact Principles for Responsible Management Education
  • The 3rd European Education and Training Exchange on corporate responsibility, which showcases dozens of successful examples of business and academic initiatives in the field of executive learning
  • The presentation of the renowned Aspen-EABIS European Faculty Pioneer Awards, recognizing international excellence in teaching, research and curriculum design
  • The European MBA Essay Award, organised by Ashridge and EABIS and generously sponsored by Microsoft.



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