7th Annual EABIS Colloquium

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability: Leadership and Organisational Change

11-12 September 2008

Cranfield University, UK


In previous EABIS Colloquia a number of the external dimensions of Corporate Responsibility -  stakeholder management, competitiveness, strategic management, and global governance have been examined. 


In 2008, Colloquium took as its theme an internal dimension. It explored the latest knowledge and insight on CR related leadership and organisational change issues.


Specifically, the conference drilled into the challenges of embedding CR and Sustainability into the DNA of the firm, the implied organisational change, innovations or even transformation this takes, and the required leadership for making this happen. The key aspects discussed were:

  1. The context of change: the drivers and inhibitors of external and internal change, strategic choices, market / society / political conditions and organisational responses
  2. The approaches to change: incremental and transformational change, leadership and change agency, planned and emergent change, organisational learning, competencies development, quality management, managing the paradoxes of change, resistance to change
  3. The dimensions of change: organisational identity and purpose, organisational structure and culture, processes and systems
  4. The areas of change: in supply and distributions chains, in product and service development, in innovation
  5. The implications of change: for human resource management, for knowledge management, for management development
  6. The outcomes and effects of change: on organisational capability, organisational effectiveness, organisational performance
  7. The nature, role and faces of leadership (in all of the above)


A major highlight of the 2008 Colloquium was the EABIS CR Knowledge and Learning Forum. The Forum provided a 90-minute interactive platform for the showcase of key EABIS current and future projects and activities.


The Forum was structured as an open, informal ‘marketplace’ providing presentations and stands with promotional materials of all institutions and organizations involved. It was an ideal opportunity for participants to learn more about the benefits and possibilities of involvement in EABIS initiatives.


One of the features of the Forum was the launch of the individual cases of the LBS-INSEAD Curriculum Development Project, a 3-year initiative supported by EABIS Corporate Founding Partners - IBM, Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft, Unilever, Shell – and an EABIS’ flagship project in the field of education. During the Forum, both case-writers and corporate practitioners had the opportunity to present their individual examples of how business dilemmas, strategies and decision-making processes are brought to life. All the cases are profiled in the 2008 Catalogue of Initiatives, distributed during the Colloquium, as well as a special issue of the Journal of Business Ethics Education dedicated to the project.

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