9th Annual Colloquium

Corporate Responsibility and Emerging Markets

20-21 September 2010

St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg

The current crisis has undermined confidence in the Western-dominated paradigm of economic governance. This has created a vacuum of authority within which Emerging Markets have claimed a greater say in defining global economic governance — witness the shift from G8 to the G20 Group.


Even before the crisis, ongoing globalisation was altering the traditional balance of power between “developed” and “emerging” nations. Access to capital, knowledge and talent has leveled the global playing fields on which multinational firms must compete for resources and market share. As a result, businesses from these Emerging Markets are vigorously challenging the hegemony of their older rivals.


The growing influence of Emerging Markets and their leading companies has not come without a cost. Increased economic and geopolitical weight has therefore been accompanied by a greater burden of responsibility to address complex social, environmental and governance issues.


The 2010 Colloquium debated critical issues for the changing role of business across four main themes:

  • Emerging Markets and New Dimensions of Global Governance   
  • Global Trends, Futures and the Implications for Enterprise Strategy
  • Multinationals as Agents of Change in a Post-Crisis World
  • Strategy, Governance and Executive Development in & for Emerging Markets


Keynote Speakers

  • Nikolay Skvortsov - Vice Rector for Research, St. Petersburg State University
  • Valery Katkalo - Vice Rector for Management Education, St. Petersburg State University
  • Arthur Appleton - Partner, Appleton Luff and Member, Evian Group Brains Trust
  • Javier Santiso – Chair, OECD Emerging Markets Network and ESADE
  • Ksenia Yudaeva, Director, Center for Macroeconomic Research, SBERBANK
  • Peter Lacy - Managing Director, Sustainability Services, Accenture (EALA)
  • Nikolay Pryanishnikov – CEO, Microsoft Russia
  • Sam Y.S. Lee - CEO, InnoCSR China
  • Sergey Litovchenko – CEO, Russian Managers Association
  • C.B. Bhattacharya – E.ON Chair of Corporate Responsibility, ESMT Berlin
  • Srij Bandyopadhay – Secretary to Indian Govt., Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  • Kirill Korniliev – GM East Europe & Asia, IBM
  • Dmitry Prokhorenko - Partner in Charlge, Heidrick & Struggles Russia
  • Alexander Bim - Managing Director, UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Project Russia, UNDP
  • Ed Freeman – Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
  • Anna Skvortsova - Executive Director, Russian NGO Development Center
  • Igor Baranov - Acting Dean, St. Petersburg State University Graduate School of Management
  • Gerard van Schaik - Honorary President, EFMD
  • Liu Baocheng - Director, Centre for International Business Ethics China
  • Stephen B. Young - Global Executive Director, Caux Round Table

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