Developing International Research Platforms within EABIS

As a reflection of its continued internationalization, EABIS seeks to bring together groups of members – both academic and corporate – to pursue significant research funding opportunities and to pilot innovative experiments.


During the summer of 2012, EABIS members are primarily focused on three major topics that are expected to be announced by the European Commission in early July: (1) sustainable lifestyles and the green economy in Europe; (2) social entrepreneurship; and (3) the role of business in addressing global development challenges.

Promoting the Internationalisation of Research

These opportunities fall within the European Commission’s 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7) and its upcoming Social Sciences Work Programme (WP 2013). However, members should note that WP 2013 is not at all exclusive to European institutions, and openly encourages the involvement of international partners.

In this way, the EU research calls offer an excellent mechanism for EABIS members to strengthen their existing international partnerships, by promoting transdisciplinary and transcontinental research and collaboration. It also offers another potential framework to accelerate the growth and connectedness of our global network for the benefit of all members.


Registering Institutional Expressions of Interest (EOI)

All of our members are invited to express their institutional interest in participating at some level or another this summer.  We have prepared a pro forma template that must be completed and returned to Research Coordinator Elena Urizar ( by 17:00 CET on FRIDAY 10 AUGUST. Please click here to download the form.

In preparing their EOI, members are asked to identify the theme(s) which best align with their areas of interest and expertise, as well as the Centres / Departments and senior figures who will nominally lead in the proposal development phase.  



EOI Pro Forma Template


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