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17 March 2011

EABIS Newsletter

In the 21st century, developing countries will be engines of growth

What about the responsibilities of business in development? How to adapt business strategy to developing countries? How do local norms affect transparency, governance and ethics in business and trade?

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Beyond the clipboards

Quality management is a much misunderstood term. For many it evokes images of production line managers with clipboards checking for defects at the end of conveyor belts. But quality management is about quality of management and not just management of quality.

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Can managers learn to be wise?

Practical wisdom for management from the spiritual and philosophical traditions: upcoming events and call for contributions.

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IMD & SAI Platform provide sustainability master class

Embedding sustainable agriculture strategies in companies. May 3-4, 2011 in Winter Park Florida.

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Integrating sustainability into business schools

A project that will support business schools and their stakeholders in understanding their potential contributions to sustainable development.

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Upcoming events

More events: coming soon!

IMPACT: Europe-wide Delphi study invites experts from five sectors

If your field of expertise is Construction, Retail, ICT, Automotive or Wearing Apparel, you are welcome to join the survey.

PhD in Social Innovation

Intel Europe, Catholic University (Ingolstadt, Germany) and the Centre for Corporate Citizenship search for candidates to assign a Fellowship. Deadline: 27 July 2012.


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