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29 October 2010

EABIS Newsletter

3 High-level presentations from the 2010 Colloquium

EABIS together with St. Petersburg State University Graduate School of Management is currently working on the overall Colloquium report. In the meantime, please find here three high-level presentations for download.

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Call for Contributions for 2nd EABIS - ISTUD Executive Education Workshop: Bridging the Gap

The workshop takes forward the conclusions reached during the first EABIS Executive Education workshop. We will explore the crucial role played by executive education programmes in the process of supporting companies, and individuals, when a company becomes committed strongly to Sustainability concerns; and, the resulting impacts on leadership and organisational transformation.

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Call for Contributions: Burgundy School of Business - EABIS Symposium on “Corporate Responsibility and Innovation”

Innovation - as part of the business contribution to sustainable development - is at the leading edge of contemporary understanding of corporate responsibility.

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Update on EABIS initiatives

EABIS put together a short list with current and future initiatives to provide members with easy access to our knowledge development & learning programmes.

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Developing Responsible Leadership in CEE

Organised by Lviv Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University and CSR Ukraine Community in cooperation with CEEMAN and EABIS, the conference will provide a platform for CEE CSR practitioners and management educators to share best practices and discuss the ways to further develop CSR competencies in the region.

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EABIS - EFMD strategic alliance

EABIS – The Academy of Business in Society and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) entered into a strategic partnership in early 2006. Our longstanding alliance has established a significant platform for the mainstreaming of business in society issues into management education in Europe and beyond.

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It's not about IT, it's about change

Microsoft supports technology research looks like a 'dog bites man story'. But the IT to ET studies have far wider relevance than just the enabling capacity of IT in delivery of traditional public goods.

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Towards a healthier Europe

Enabling technology could allow emerging economies such as Poland and Rumania to leapfrog wealthier EU countries in public health delivery. Resourcing and investment are key issues but also greater coherence in health policy, provision and public education.

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Jamming with IBM

Through different forums ranging from Empowering the Individual to Global Challenges, participants in IBM’s global jam session discussed the role of ‘Service as a Solution’ during three days from 10-12 October.

As a partner of the event, EABIS drafted a short summary of the main discussions and solutions.

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“Beyond Lobbying” - EABIS project on new business and government relations

On the 4 October 2010 a first of a series of roundtable discussions was held as a corporate lunch on “Beyond Lobbying – New Business-Government Relations and Dialogue” at the EPPA headquarter in Brussels.

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Upcoming events

More events: coming soon!

IMPACT: Europe-wide Delphi study invites experts from five sectors

If your field of expertise is Construction, Retail, ICT, Automotive or Wearing Apparel, you are welcome to join the survey.

PhD in Social Innovation

Intel Europe, Catholic University (Ingolstadt, Germany) and the Centre for Corporate Citizenship search for candidates to assign a Fellowship. Deadline: 27 July 2012.


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