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3 December 2010

EABIS Newsletter

Can we make corporate governance more effective?

And, how to combine board, shareholder and external monitoring? These are only two of the questions, the 10th European Corporate Governance Conference will address on 6-7 December in Brussels.

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How can CSR support delivery of the EU 2020 Strategy?

Over 200 representatives of business, NGOs, Trade Unions and education attended the latest EU Commission Multistakeholder Forum on CSR this week in Brussels.

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Deadline extension for EABIS calls for contributions

As the end of the year is a busy period for everybody, we were asked to extend the deadline for the 2nd EABIS - ISTUD Executive Education Workshop: Bridging the Gap (ISTUD) and the EABIS Symposium on Corporate Responsibility and Innovation (ECS Bourgogne).

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Celebrating excellence in responsible business practice

The 2nd Annual Ethical Corporation Awards provide the opportunity to companies to benchmark their CR activities against global CR leaders. Deadline for entries is the 25 February 2011.

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Do we really learn from experience?

Though it was not the objective of the Experiential Learning Congress to find a definitive answer to this question, it certainly was a starting point of the discussion. EABIS President, Gilbert Lenssen mentioned the two ideologies represented in the building of the hosting institution ESMT – communism and capitalism – as one of the examples for great ideas and their subsequent failures.

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Upcoming events

More events: coming soon!

IMPACT: Europe-wide Delphi study invites experts from five sectors

If your field of expertise is Construction, Retail, ICT, Automotive or Wearing Apparel, you are welcome to join the survey.

PhD in Social Innovation

Intel Europe, Catholic University (Ingolstadt, Germany) and the Centre for Corporate Citizenship search for candidates to assign a Fellowship. Deadline: 27 July 2012.


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